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Aubrey Dunham

Aubrey Dunham, a major recording artist, performer, producer, arranger, and gifted musician from Houston, Texas  (the home of such world-wide famous tenor saxophonists as Arnett Cobb, Illinois Jacket, Welton Felton, and Grady Gains known as “The Texas Tenors” because of their unique sound and style on the tenor saxophone) has perfected the art of playing the saxophones with the unique sound and style of the Legendary "Texas Tenors".

 His playing style dazzles audiences with full gritty, boppy sounds that are fun and funky giving his many fans the inspiration to jump and dance.  Because Aubrey is  one of the most versatile musicians and performers on the market he changes his fans’ moods by playing a smooth jazzy tantalizing horn that stimulates the emotions creating loving moods for them, all in the same show. 

As a six year old boy watching “American Band Stand”, Aubrey’s inspiration to play the tenor saxophone came by way of  the tenor saxophone player in Bill Dodgett’s band as they played their hit song “Honky Tonk”. 

From that moment on, Aubrey was excited about playing the tenor saxophone.  He joined his elementary school’s rhythm band.  Upon being  promoted to the seventh grade he joined the school’s beginner band program.  As  fate would have it, all of the allocated school tenor saxophones had  been issued to other students.  

Disappointed that his his family was poor and couldn’t afford the horn at the time,  Aubrey sat watched, studied, and learned  for a full school year as his band director taught the other saxophone students.  Finally, after a year of waiting his father was able to buy him the first joy of his life, his own tenor saxophone.

Aubrey wasted no time putting to use what he had been studying.  He  begin to practice and play. Because of his desire, willingness to learn, paying attention to his Band instructor, listening to records by tenor sax players and learning what was taught to others who performed around him, Aubrey  immediately exceeded other experienced saxophone players.

In the eighth grade Aubrey’s band director, Mr. James “Rock” Hurdle, a well-known jazz piano musician in Houston and a good friend of Arnett Cobb invited Arnett Cobb to give a music workshop to the class.  Aubrey was in that class and  that’s when  he heard Arnett play.   Aubrey was so thrilled with the sound and playing of the tenor saxophone by Arnett; he quickly learned to duplicate Arnett’s sound. 

A family friend, Mr. John Davis Sr. then manager of  the  popular band group “The Joy Boys”;  who toured with “Bobby Blue Bland” in the early 60’s,  suggested to Aubrey that he learn to play music by ear -  listening to records.  He gave Aubrey one of the top hits of the day, a 45 RPM record by Hank Crawford titled,  “Peeper” and told him to learn it.   As a result, Aubrey learned from every record he could get. 

Not only did that  advice propel Aubrey into his career;  making him an icon in his high school, but it was also the start of Aubrey learning to perfect his style of playing.  Aubrey  went on to master all genres of music ranging from jazz, blues, pop, gospel, raggae, latin and classical music by studying the playing styles and music of such greats as King Curtis, Jr. Walker, Welton Felder, Arnett Cobb, Grady Gains, John Coltrain, Joe Henderson, Grover Washington, Jr., Maceo, Stanley Turrentine, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Santana, Gato as well as a host of other musicians and recording artists of the 50’s, 60’s, 70,s. 

Aubrey's drive to perfect his skills led him to formal studies of music at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas and Texas Southern University, in Houston, Texas.  There he studied instrumental and vocal music as well as performing in the Concert Choir (singing first tenor), the T. S. U. Stage Band, instrumental and vocal ensembles, theater, and The T.S.U. Marching Band (where we was a principle saxophone soloist) under the direction of Professor Benjamin Bulter. 

At T.S.U. Aubrey studied and performed with people like Kirk Whalen, Arnett Cobb, Hank Crawford, and Bobby Humphrey learning and sharing musical knowledge.  Aubrey graduated from T.S.U. in 1980 in Music Education All Levels.  Aubrey has performed jazz, blues, popular music, gospel and classical music all over America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, in Clubs, concert stages, and theater productions.

Aubrey has been the front man for many projects over his long career and along the way picked up several names related to the many style of music he performs.

During his performances, Aubrey is known by many names:

When performing  the Blues,  he is known as    “The Blues Dog”. 

 When performing Jazz with his band, duo, quartet or Big Band, he goes by  “The Saxist”

When performing as Aubrey Dunham & the Party Machine he is known as  “The variety party and dance jam master”.

Aubrey Dunham has released three CD's, and is presently working on a new Smooth Jazz CD and a new RoadHouse Blues CD. 

Aubrey Dunham, Now I am Singing the Blues, released in 1994,

Aubrey Dunham The Saxist, For Lovers Only, released in 1998 and released in 2003
Aubrey Dunham, I Feel Your Love... A Special Tribute to the late Johnny Clyde
Copleand in 1999.

He also produced and recorded the late Kinny Abair’s CD, A Very Good Day, in 1999 ... A Tribute to Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins, all on his independent label A.D. Records.

Aubrey has also worked as a studio musician for many artists with his latest being two songs, Come Home Tonight, and Down, for Chris Thomas King’s new CD, My Guitar Scream & Moans.

Aubrey established A.D. Records in 1992, as a vehicle to produce
and distribute his and other acts music that he’s produced and recorded.
For CD’s, appearances and bookings please contact A. D. Records &
Productions @ 713-675-7802, aubrey@bluesdog.com www.bluesdog.com, or P. O. Box 8402 – Houston, TX 77288.