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 The NEW CD from Aubrey "Bluesdog " Dunham coming October 2007, featuring the Hit Single's, Born to be Wild 2008, No Scull No Bone, Bluesdog Boggie, I'm the Bluesdog, Baby. If you are into Roadhouse Blues or Jump Blues, then you must add this new CD by the Bluesdog to your collection. All Major Roadhouse Venues & Clubs, Motorcycle Rallies, Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz Festivals, you owe it to your fans and customers to Book the high-energy Rocking performance and music of the Bluesdog.

 Short Bio:

To play and perform the Blues you have to understand and appreciate the origin of the Blues genre. Today, Aubrey "Bluesdog " Dunham, one of the best Blues acts of his time, has that understanding. After working for more than two decade around the World including his home town's of Houston, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana with some of the best known Legends in the field of Blues music, “The Texas Tenors” "Johnny Clyde Copeland" and others, Aubrey elected to go out on his own.

His CD’s, “Now I am singing the Blues” and "I Feel your Love Tribute to Johnny Clyde Copeland" has been on the top of the Blues charts in Europe, Japan and across the US for the last 5 years.

 His hits, "I used to be a Dog" and  "Catch up with the Blues" solidifies that, His Saxophone playing style dazzles audiences with full gritty, boppy sounds that is fun and funky giving his many fans the inspiration to jump and dance. “The Bluesdog ” Is the Saxophone Dog of the Blues! His soon to be released new CD Roadhouse Blues is sure to take the charts by storm.

 When you feel the need to dance and listen to the Blues -- when you want to have a great time seeing a great Blues act, guarantee your success by selecting the music of the Bluesdog. www.bluesdog.com


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